CHAINGES adds Healing Circles to their core thanks to RJIA!

More CHAINGES to come with the Restorative Justice Institute of Atlanta

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Our Chief Enthusiast Officer, Desirae'/Sunni joined a Healing Circle workshop in Morrow, GA late April thanks to a scholarship granted by RJIA for furthering education as a Certified Leader.

the Chainges fund is extremely thankful to join forces with the Restorative Justice Center of Atlanta ("strengthening foundations and renewing relationships") on TWO incredible opportunities! Mental Health is a Core Strength of the organization's work and "it has been extremely refreshing to be able to use the practice of healing circles in our programming and initiatives, correctly and efficiently" says CEO Desirae'. RJIA has a summer program, Spaces in the Rainbow for youth 10-17, where healing circles are a key part; this is a great space for #DaughtersinDemand to collaborate, please click here to donate and support this cause!

Desirae' will also be joining RJIA's Theft Prevention and Impact program utilizing Restorative Justice for Fulton County's pretrial services. The cross learning experience will strengthen the Chainges fund's ability to serve their audience of both small owned businesses and communities in need by respectfully gaining knowledge of ways to prevent losses for both groups and pre-actively offering solutions.  

To learn more about healing circles and schedule our Chief Enthusiast Officer to facilitate your healing circle please use the following links Brief: Healing Circles | Schedule

Check out more about the Restorative Justice Institute of Atlanta by clicking here !