What a #CHAINGE, Mr. Jay!

these are the #CHAINGES we <3 to see!


in 2016, we started concluding our service years with a Celebration of #Chainges fundraising mixer where we also took the opportunity to honor #chaingemakers in the community that were doing phenomenal work related to our Core Strengths. It brings us much joy to announce this history-making news! Our 2016 Profit (Financial Literacy) Chaingemaker, Mr. Jay Morrison has led the incredible #TREF , Tulsa Real Estate Fund, team to become the 1st 100% Black Owned SEC Regulated Reg. A Tier 2 Real Estate crowd fund!

we're currently focused on securing transportation for our #chainges but we most certainly hope to get our share one day soon. #MakeACHAINGE & donate to help us get there!