What are CHAINGES?

CHAINGES are relationships. CHAINGES are feelings. CHAINGES are opportunities that elevate us to levels we thought were only possible through dreaming or manifestation. CHAINGES are necessary. 

When you connect two people you think would benefit from each other, that's a chainge. When you start a casual big brother, little brother relationship with some of the youth in your neighborhood, that's a chainge. When you share your knowledge with a committed lover of the same interest, because they too see themselves in that lane, that's a chainge. There is a place for us all!

What's with the "I"?

Orignially, our founder wanted to name the organization CHANGES because of the heavy influence late legend Tupac Amaru Shakur has always had in her life. What turned out to be a setback from the system (phonetic issue) gave more depth to the purpose the organization was created in the first place--stability of self; a show of gratitude to the ancestors before us. CHAINGES is unique because we do emphasize the importance every individual has in this world, and why self-care is an essential part of philanthropy. In order to "be the change you want to see in the world", you have to be YOURSELF-- a whole, complete peaceful, positive & productive self.

How Can I Help?

The biggest way to help us is by Sparking the Brain that Will #Chainge the World! Whether you simply share our organization with someone or are making chainges in your community by volunteering, mentoring, and/or employing you are Making the Chainges we need globally. If you know of any opportunities let us help by placing it on the Opportunity Listing page, if you would like to donate monetarily to our current needs see our Donate page (there are many creative ways to do so), if you have time to volunteer we need your talent, only have time to volunteer one-time that's cool to! This is a collaborative organization that sees the importance every individual person has, so please don't hesitate to join the movement!